Weight Lifting and Hair Loss


A commonly asked question by Male & Female hair loss patients include:
• Does going to the gym cause hair loss?
• Is cardio or weights better for reducing hair loss?
• Is steriods bad for hair loss?
• Can protein powders cause hair loss?

Weight Lifting and Hair Loss

Is there a connection between Weight Lifting and Hair Loss?

It depends on the type of hair loss that you are experiencing?
if your hair loss & thinning is isolated to the top, crown & frontal/temporal regions of the scalp however it is NOT impacting the sides & back of the scalp, then this form of hair loss is most likely to be Genetic Hair Loss or Hereditary Hair Loss.  If you have genetic hair loss, your hair follicles are genetically programmed to deteriorate when they come in contact with a hormone known as DHT.  

What is DHT?
 DHT stands for Di Hydro Testosterone.  It is the by-product of when normal testosterone bonds with an enzyme.  Our bodies have a large supply of this enzyme.  Therefore, a person with high testosterone is more prone to having higher DHT levels.  And if the person has inherited the balding gene, then elevated DHT levels can equate to faster hair loss and thinning.   and low down the rate of hair loss, thinning, hair shedding & hair fall. 

 Weight lifting is another term for lifting heavy weights or power lifting.   Weight Lifting sets often consist of high weight resistance & low rep #s.  This type of exercise is adopted when a person is looking to build muscular size & strength. • The body will naturally start to increase testosterone levels if this type of exercise is performed therefore leading to the probability of elevated DHT levels.
• Supplements that encourage testosterone production may also increase a persons DHT levels
Weigh lifting on its own does not cause hair loss, because the cause of hair loss relating to DHT is caused by a persons genetics.  However any sport or supplement that assists with testosterone product may have an impact on a person’s DHT levels, and elevated DHT can increase the speed/rate of genetic hair loss and thinning.

• Please seek advice from a trained nutritionist or your local doctor before consuming a product/medication or supplement that may alter your hormone levels. 

Weight Lifting and Hair Loss