Hair Loss Causes

Hair Loss Causes

About Hair Growth + What Causes Hair Loss?

In order for your body to grow a strand of hair, it requires:

1.  Hair Follicle:  Think of this like a plant’s seed, you can’t grow a plant without a seed + you can’t grow a hair without a hair follicle.

2.  Healthy Scalp:  A healthy scalp is essential to ensure healthy hair growth.  An unhealthy scalp can restrict hair growth leading to hair loss, hair shedding, hair breakage and thinning.

3.  Blood Supply (AMOUNT): A hair follicle is like all other cells within the body, it relies upon receiving a healthy AMOUNT of blood supply in order for it to survive.

4.  Blood Supply (QUALITY): A hair follicle relies on receiving NUTRIENTS from your blood in order for it to produce keratin (the substance your hair is made of).

Any factor that causes any of the above elements negatively, can cause hair loss, hair breakage, hair shedding and hair thinning.


Types of Hair Loss

What is the difference between hair loss, hair shedding, hair breakage and hair thinning?

•  Hair Loss:  Describes the situation where the hair follicle is no longer alive.  If a hair follicle dies, you will not grow strand of hair in that location ever again.  Some people think that hair loss is a sudden process, however the majority of people who suffer hair loss, experience hair shedding and hair thinning for many years prior to experiencing actual hair loss.

•  Hair Shedding:  There are 3 stages with a hair follicles life cycle that keeps repeating and repeating.  Anagen Phase (growth phase) Catagen Phase (resting phase) & Telogen Phase (shedding phase), then it starts with Anagen Phase again.  All hair will go through this cycle many many times.  It is natural for people to shed 50-100 hairs per day.  Hair Shedding also has a piece of skin attached to one end of the hair strand.  The hair breaking away does NOT mean it will not grow back, all that has happened is the hair has disconnected from its hair follicle and fallen away.  If the hair follicle is still alive a hair strand can be produced. 

•  Hair Breakage:  Describes hair that has broken half way down the hair strand.  That means, a section of the hair is still attached to the hair follicle and the scalp, however the piece that has fallen away does NOT have a piece of skin at the end of it.  Diet, poor shampoo and conditioning methods, hair styling products and scalp health can contribute significantly to hair breakage.

•  Hair Thinning:  Describes hair that is still growing, however over time the hair is becoming weaker, thinner, finer and appears to have less volume.  Hair that is thinner covers less surface area, and people with thinning hair may believe they have experienced hair loss, when this is not true, their hair has become noticeably thinner, meaning the hair strand covers less of the scalp.  


What Causes Hair Loss?

There are a lot of factors that can cause hair loss.  Any event, illness, stress, injury, hormonal or genetic factor can impact the blood supply that your hair follicles receives.   And any negative change to either the QUALITY or QUANTITY of blood supply that reaches your hair follicle will cause either:  Hair Loss, Excessive Hair Shedding and Hair Thinning.  

However, if your hair loss and thinning is isolated to the frontal, midscalp and crown regions of the scalp , and is not impacting the sides and back of the scalp nor any other part of your body, then the cause of your hair loss is almost certain to be caused by your Genetics.  Genetic or Hereditary Hair Loss is the only type of hair loss to impact the frontal, midscalp and crown regions of the scalp in a gradual pattern of thinning.  Other factors such as hormones, nutritional deficiency, illness, physical or psychological stress can accelerate how quickly you experience genetic hair loss, however they are not the causes of it.  

Hair Loss and Your Diet

How can Great Directions help you?

 We have experience helping men & women with the following forms of hair loss;
 Genetic or Hereditary Hair Loss
 Alopecia Areata
  Diet & Nutritional Deficiency
  Hormone Imbalance
•  Thyroid Disorder
 Liver Health
 Kidney Health
 Cardiovascular Health
 Poor Scalp Health
 Physical or Psychological Stress
 Auto Immune Conditions
 Medications that are being consumed
 Disease and Infection

At Great Directions + PRP for Hair Loss Clinics, we can help you!  We have consulted with more than 30,000 men and women who are experiencing hair loss and/or hair thinning.