What is the best hair loss treatment?

 “What is the best hair loss treatment for me?” is one of the most common questions we receive at Great Directions Hair Regrowth Clinics.  It is important to understand that ALL hair loss treatments offer different results.  Therefore, before being able to answer this question, we need to understand the RESULT that you are hoping to achieve. 

As a guide, there are three possible RESULTS or OUTCOMES that can be achieved by consuming or receiving that particular hair loss treatment:

  • GROW More New Hair
  • REGROW Thicker and Fuller Hair
  • PREVENT Further Hair Loss

At Great Directions, prior to doing a consultation, we recommend clients focus on the RESULTS they are wanting to achieve, that way during their consultation, the hair loss professional and consultant can discuss how you can achieve your desired result.  

By understanding the what a person is wanting to achieve for their hair, we can recommend the best hair loss treatments presently available.  Clients who discuss the RESULT or OUTCOME they are wanting to achieve, are more likely to achieve their desired result QUICKER, FASTER and therefore SAVE MONEY and TIME in the process.  

what is the best hair loss treatment

What result are you wanting to achieve?

The answer to this question “What is the best hair loss treatment” was answered by Scott Moore from Great Directions Australia.

Answer provided by Scott Moore (founder of Great Directions). Scott Moore is an expert hair loss consultant who has performed over 20,000 hair loss and skin care consultations with men and women of all ages.  Scott receives hundreds of new patient enquiries, including enquiries from medical practitioners who are wanting Scott to assist and advise them on their options to treat their own personal hair loss or skin rejuvenation goals


Hi Scott

Iv been using natural dht blocker caps form so many places and its come to the stage where it’s not working anymore

I wanted to ask

What do you recommend

Mon surgical or flinastered

Also I’m in Sydney


Hi Nick

Thanks for the message. And sorry for not replying to you sooner.

With nearly all forms of medication, the longer the period of consumption = the less effective the medication is likely to be. That is because the body builds up an immunity or resistance to the substance. This applies to medication such as drugs and also natural solutions such as Saw Palmetto or vitamin supplements as well.

Check that the supplement you are taking contains natural and organic ingredients, also compare the dosage sizes. Sometimes, companies alter the %s or composition which can alter the result.

I would be interested to know:
1. What exactly is in these natural dht blocker caps….
2. How often are you changing the brand/manufacturer?
3. Did the reduction in effectiveness happen approx 1-2 mths after you changed brand/manufacturer?
4. When you say “it’s not working anymore” – can you define what “work” means to you?
5. Around the same time, how was your stress?
6. Again, at the same time, how was your diet?
7. Is there any other medical or health related symptom that you have been experiencing?

Then….. I would like to establish:
1. What is the GOAL you are trying to achieve for your hair loss?

The above questions are best answered in a consultation Nick. We offer consultations 10am to 8pm weekdays and 9am to 3pm on Saturdays. Please call my reception team to schedule in a time so that we can discuss your situation in detail.

Scott Moore

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