What is the best hair loss treatment?

What is the best hair loss treatment?

To answer this question, we need to know;  “What is the desired result” that you are expecting to achieve.  For example, are you wanting to:

  • GROW More New Hair where you are no longer growing it?
  • REGROW Thinning Hair Thicker & Fuller
  • PREVENT and Slow Down the rate of hair loss, shedding and thinning
  • CONCEAL or hide your hair loss temporarily because of an upcoming event (eg a wedding)

Understanding what each person’s expectations needs to be understood, before confirming what is the best hair loss treatment!

What is the best hair loss treatment to Grow More New Hair?

The only treatment that can help you to Grow More New Hair in area’s of the scalp that is no longer growing a strand of hair is a hair transplant.   Here are some facts about hair transplants:

  • Is a Hair Transplant Permanent?  The transplanted hair is permanently resistant to genetic hair loss, however a hair transplant will not STOP you from losing more hair.  This means the transplant will replace the hair you have lost, but the remaining hair will continue to get worse and will continue to fall out, therefore leaving gaps in between the transplanted hair.
  • Can I get a full head of hair? No.  A full head of hair equates to approx 100,000 hairs.  A Hair transplant does not CLONE hair follicles, it simply moves them.  Therefore, you are relocating the hair from one area of the head to another.  This means the hair will NO LONGER grow in the area that it was in originally.   A hair transplant re-distributes the hair you have remaining.
  • Can PRP help prepare a patient for a hair transplant?  Yes, in our experience in assisting over 5000 hair transplant patients, those patients who did PRP before, during and after their hair transplant experienced faster recovery time, higher success rates and they experienced less shock loss as well.  If you are considering PRP, you 100% consider including PRP into your pre and post hair transplant routine.

What is the best hair loss treatment to Regrow Thicker Hair?

One of the best hair loss treatments that can help to Regrow Thicker and Healthier hair is PRP.  PRP increases the QUANTITY and the QUALITY of blood supply received by the hair follicle. PRP for Hair Regrowth is one of the best hair treatments because does not have any drug related side effects, because PRP is sourced from a person’s own blood supply. (also known as Platelet Rich Plasma). Here are some facts about PRP for Hair Loss:

  • What is PRP for Hair Loss?  It is a natural and powerful treatment that is sources the growth factors and stem cells from the patient’s own blood supply and reinjects it back into the hair follicles that are experiencing thinning and deterioration. 
  • Is it safe? Yes!  At Great Directions Australia, we have safely and successfully performed over 8000+ PRP for Hair Loss Treatments.
  • Would you like more information?  Yes?  Then click on the Regrow Thicker Hair Picture on the right for more info about PRP for Hair Loss Treatments


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